Throwback Thursday – DJ Nate Geezie Presents….The Draws Off Mix

I’ve kept this under wraps for a while, but in the new digital age, passing out CD’s by hand is over…

So i’ve made my most famous mixtape available online for the first time

Even featuring cameo’s from Donwill and Von Pea in the pre-Tanya Morgan days…lol

Knock ya’self out…


Washington DC songstress Deborah Bond brings us a 2nd video from her sophomore Madam Palindrome album, for the song “Perfect”.

This time around Ms. Bond aims for a softer, smoother, more simple video approach that also proves to be more powerful.

To find about more about Deborah Bond and her stellar album Madam Palindrome, visit her webpage at and her twitter page at



Question of the Month Poll – Best Sly and the Family Stone Album

Cast your vote for the best album by the legendary Rock/ Funk/ Soul band led by the one and only Sly Stone.


Throwback Thursday: MC Hammer – “Sultry Funk”


Okay…so I know 2 other people on planet earth who like this song and one of those people is MC Hammer.

I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care!!

Just like in the Digital Underground post, this is another song I used to call my local radio station and request. And they would tell me
We got that coming right up for ya!”. And would never play it.

Despite the hate he received, I always was a Hammer fan and stood up for him. And looking at hip-hop’s current climate, taking it back to the early 90’s days of fun music and dancing in videos wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Remember hip-hop videos with dancers in em? Not strippers, but dancers.

Another post for another day.

This video is pure gold from the 3:24 mark on….lol

Throwback Thursday: Orchestra Baobab – “Kelen Ati Leen”

This Thursday we take a trip to Senegal with a ridiculous funk jam titled “Kelen Ati Leen”. I’m still searching for a translation of what “Kelen Ati Leen” means so I can know what I’m singing.

Orchestra Baobab formed in the 1970’s, and became widely popular while mixing African and Caribbean styles of music. I’m currently doing my research on their music and with over 20 albums in their discography, I have some work to do.

From the 1975 albumĀ Visage du Senegaal….“Kelen Ati Leen”